Sports Motivation – How to Inspire Others

If you have played sports or tried to get in shape at some point in your life, it is likely that you were inspired by someone to do accomplish a goal you set for yourself. You can inspire others as well and you may have already done so and not even know it.

Sports-MotivationIf you have been in sports or the fitness industry for any length of time, you can probably name at least three people who have inspired you. The person who inspired me was an athlete but not in my sport of choice. Bruce Lee was my inspiration because of his ability to perfect techniques that he worked on. I wanted to be able to do exactly that.

Some athletes are ripped, very intelligent, successful, and inspire others they have never met to get better and change their lives for the better. The influence and passion they have can make a big difference in the progress of the entire sport. Michael Jordan is a good example. He changed the way basketball was viewed by fans and amateur players alike.

By following your “idols”, you can achieve what they have achieved with a lot of hard work and dedication. Is it possible for everyone to become a professional athlete? Of course not but the journey they take can still inspire others in their lives and communities. You do not need to be a well known millionaire athlete to make a difference. You can inspire others in your family, on your team, co-workers, and even the casual fan that is watching you play. I find it amazing that I can change people’s lives that I have not even met.

MotivationWhat things can you do to make a difference?

1. Be Proud Of Yourself

When you inspire someone, part of the feelings they get come from knowing that you are someone who is proud of what you have accomplished. It adds to the mystique.

It takes commitment and a lot of determination and a certain mindset to accomplish a goal that you have. Those who are inspired by you are usually feeling down on themselves for not having done the same. They need to see someone else doing what they dream of so they feel better about themselves and have a sense of pride again. Seeing you act with an air of confidence when you workout gives a sense of admiration in others. You stay focused on specific goals and being in the gym daily and not falling off your nutrition plan shows the qualities others are looking for in themselves: organized, dedicated, and successful.

2. Humble

Bragging about what you have accomplished turns people off and gives an air of arrogance and a large ego.  Being a bodybuilder who gives the impression of being narcissistic and being full of themselves will do very little to inspire others. You do not want to be the first to talk about yourself, making claims about your accomplishments and trying to always tell everyone about yourself. It gives the impression you need attention and constant praise.

Talking about yourself when someone is genuinely interested in learning about you is okay just don’t lay it on really thick. How you portray yourself will have a large effect on how well you inspire others.

3. Approachable

Taking the time to talk to people who are an interest in what you do of have done is important. If they have taken the time to work up the courage to approach you, enter into a discussion with them. This is especially true for younger individuals who can be influenced far more easily than an adult. It shows them that they can do what you have done and should try their best to do so.

Your background is irrelevant. You can be a pro athlete, a CEO of a fortune 500 company or simply someone who has lost 20 pounds you have always wanted to lose. Being approachable and nice to others will go a long ways to proving to them that they need to do what you have done.
Being really busy may mean that you can’t always talk right then and there. Be polite and be willing to pass along an email address so you can answer their questions later. It shows you are still approachable and are still willing to help as best you can.

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