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Sask VolleyballSask Volleyball has teamed up with ViSports Nutrition to provide valuable nutrition resources and advice for coaches, parents and athletes.

The link to all articles in the newsletters can be found below, listed according to the date released.  Clicking on the name of the articles will open them in a new window to view as well as to print or download.


September 16 – Benefits of Milk for Athletes

October 14 – Testosterone Level Factors 

November 4 – Grass Fed versus Grain Fed Beef

December 2 – Protein Shake Recipes

January 27 – Effects of Soft Drinks on Your Body

February 10 – Fueling Your Workout the Right Way

February 24 – Nutrient Dense Foods You Need to Include in Your Diet

March 10 – 5 Super Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

April 14 – Are Nutrition Bars Good For You?

April 28 – Unhealthy Sport Supplements – Avoiding the Dangers

May 12 – Organic food Benefits – All Hype or Real?

May 26 – Protein Shake Ingredients You Really Need to Use

June 16 – Superfoods – Benefits of Grains and Nuts

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If you want to educate your athletes about healthy nutritional options proven to work for all levels from high school through to professional, this is the place to do it.

You likely already know how important nutrition is to health and performance. Your athletes spend a lot of time and effort to get better at their sport.  They should not be throwing it all away simply because their nutritional choices are keeping them from reaching their potential.

Young athletes simply don’t always make good nutritional choices.

It is not because they are not trying to eat healthy.

They just don’t know WHAT, HOW MUCH or HOW OFTEN to eat!

Proper nutrition does depend on your age, gender and sport and

three meals a day is just not good enough anymore.

In a lot of cases, it is simply following misinformation as to what is healthy and what is not.

The honest truth about sports nutrition for youth athletes is this:

It really does not need to be difficult and you don’t need to take a lot of advanced courses to learn about healthy nutritional information.

There are TWO programs being offered by ViSports nutrition:

1. Sports Nutrition Presentation

This one hour presentation is designed to educate athletes, coaches and parents on the basics of sports nutrition and how to apply these principles as part of a proper nutrition program.  The presentation comes with SIX documents as resources to use as you wish with your team:

– Sports Nutrition for Youth Athletes (my first book currently for sale online)

– Dangers of Energy Drinks ebook

– Proper Use of Sports Drinks: when should you use them?

– Urine Analysis: how to use urine color to determine athlete hydration

– Pre/Post Workout Nutrition: a more advanced look at eating when training

– Sport Specific Nutrition Pamphlet: photocopy as many as you like for your athletes and parents

Cost: $350 + mileage

Sask Volleyball members – $175 + mileage

NOTE: For those from further away where cost is a factor, the entire presentation is expanded into an online course which is complete and now available at

Sports Nutrition for Youth AthletesEnergy DrinksSports DrinksPrepost WorkoutVolleyball Nutrition












2. Individual Nutrition Planning

For those looking for a more in-depth program designed to help with all stages of development, ViSports will develop a full week long Nutrition Plan with all of the details needed to help an athlete manage their meal/snack planning. The Plan is completed using the athlete’s sex, age, height, weight and sport being played to determine a specific calorie requirement and all supporting documents are included to make it as simple to follow as possible. The nutrition plan comes with access to me personally to help modify and explain any areas of difficulty. TWO invaluable resources are included:

Smoothie Recipe Book: over 150 smoothie recipes to help create your protein or meal replacement shake

Cooking and Recipe Guide: how to properly prepare food and some good recipe ideas. They will be living on their own and will need to eat well.

Snack Recipes: It is far cheaper and better for you to make your own protein bars and snacks!

Cost: $100

Sask Volleyball members – $70

NOTE: Groups rates are available upon request.

Nutrition PlanSmoothie Recipes

Cooking Guide
















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