Hotel Stays – Youth Athletes Travel From Home

Hotel stays in a big city for a small town athlete can be very exciting with new sites and sounds than at home. Being away from home after a long travel time and through a possible time change can make for a difficult adjustment. How coaches and parents handle their youth athletes can make the difference between winning and losing.

Hotel Stays - Youth Athletes TravelHotel Stays

Hotel stays are one of the biggest thrills that most youth athletes have when they travel out of town for athletic competitions. This usually means dramatically less adult supervision, the chance to do things that normally aren’t done at home and the chance to spend extra time with teammates, which usually means extra bonding between kids.

For parents and coaches, hotel stays can be the most stressful part of the trip out of town. No adult can be everywhere at once. Unless it is a trip with many team parents or coaches involved that everyone can be assigned to a room, an inherent level of trust has to be given to the youth athletes. They need to behave not only up to expectations, but also in a way that ensures they will be able to give their best efforts at the athletic competition.

Hotel Stays – Youth Athletes Travel Hotel Stays – Youth Athletes Travel 1Assuming there aren’t enough adults to chaperone each room of athletes, coaches should take time in advance of the trip to assign roommates for the hotel stays based on personality types. The last thing a coach wants is to pair two or more youth athletes in the same room who are known for “bending the rules” or making poor decisions. Kids like this, left alone for multiple hours during a hotel stay that typically features internet access, cable TV, balconies, room service menus and are one door away from all kinds of other trouble, are a major headache waiting to happen.

Pairing potential troublemakers together with athletes of strong moral character can diffuse potential trouble spots. Coaches or parents should also give youth athletes a specific schedule, in print, for the hotel stay, with meal times, bed times and departure times. By printing it out, coaches guarantee that every athlete knows when and where they are supposed to be, which makes everyone accountable for their own actions, and held to that standard by the rest of the team.

A final fail safe for coaches and parents who are with youth athletes during hotel stays is to alert the hotel management’s beforehand of what is to be expected from the athletes. Giving a hotel staff the heads up that room service is not allowed to the rooms where the athletes are staying, no long distance phone calls made from the room, etc. Asking hotel staff to call the coaches’ room should they see any athletes out roaming the halls late at night, at the pool or any other areas they shouldn’t be is not only courteous to the staff, but also a good way to keep a team focused on the task at hand.

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