Genetically Modified Food Debate

genetically modified foodEver find yourself wondering just how good or bad genetically modified foods are for you and the environment? If so, it puts you in good company. The majority of Americans and those in many other countries share the same concern. Some countries are going so far as to outright ban them, or require labeling so people can make the choice for themselves.

The old fashioned version of genetic modification was simply deliberate cross-pollination of a plant with another of its species to get desirable attributes. If you’re a “mother nature knows best” person, the fact that it didn’t always work might indicate that there are certain keys that don’t work with certain locks. Being man made, it is unnatural for our bodies to process them. With “growing” concerns of cross contamination of nearby fields, farmers who are trying to stick with traditional growing techniques are finding themselves at risk of being sued for growing GMO crops on their land. This is just another way for GMO companies to profit even further.

Adding to the pressure, other countries have stopped imports of non GMO crops from the U.S. in the past just because of the risk. This further muddies the waters, because if it happens and the farmers don’t catch it, how could anyone be sure that it was labeled properly? Containment is just one of the many issues arising from the debate.

Further concerns about safety due to minimal equivalency requirements by the FDA have people concerned about the health risks associated with eating these types of foods. Would you still eat GMO’s even if they were labeled?

The following graphic illustrates some of the many points in the debate over this major issue: Genetically Modified Food (GMO) – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

genetically modified food

Sandra Mills is a freelance healthcare writer and helped contribute to the infographic.


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