Dairy Products – Myths and Facts

Urban legends or “myths” are very common on society as word passes from one person to the next and is not always based on reality of fact. This article covers three common dairy product fallacies.

Dairy-ProductsDairy contains lots of fat that will affect my weight
This is partly true because dairy does contain essential fatty acids but they are good fats. Low fat versions are obviously better for you with less fat but the same amount of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. You need essential fatty acids to regulate metabolism and to keep your hair,

skin and nails healthy
Like any other food high in calories, the real goal is to use them in moderation. If you find that difficult, simply avoid whole milk products and stick to low or non-fat versions.

Some dairy products contain too much sugar
Dairy does contain sugar in the form of lactose but it is in small quantities that will not affect your overall weight. The problem sugars are the simple sugars that are placed in processed foods, candies and the processed carbohydrates in white flour and rice.

Yogurt is a processed dairy product that has cultured bacteria added with added sugar. The sugar is a food source for the bacteria so is mostly used up by the time you eat it. The only product to watch for sugar is chocolate milk that will have added HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) for a sweeter taste.

Eating processed food is not healthy

Processed food is a natural source that has been put through alterations to take it from an ingredient to an edible product. Taking meats and spices to sausage, whole wheat to a loaf of bread or numerous ingredients to make a pizza. Processed foods contain ingredients you should not eat a large amount of like fats and chemicals to lengthen shelf life. They are also missing a lot of nutrients that are removed as a part of the process. Dairy as it turns out has none of these and is as healthy a food as any supplement you buy in a store.

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  1. hey Jacques, I loved reading this post. Looking forward for your next article.I would like to share another post that speaks about increasing the nutritive value of milk http://bit.ly/19MPQ7K

  2. Bethany says:

    Hi Jacques – Great post about dairy!


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