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Five Ways to Build Muscle

ways to build muscleYoung athletes are often trying to find ways to build muscle especially for sports like hockey or football.  There is quite a bit of misinformation that says you need to take large amounts of protein and use supplements to get size. It is not that complicated. The process of gaining strength and muscle size can be quite simple. Here are five ways to change your workouts to get bigger and stronger safely.

Icing an Injury – Research Says Avoid It

icing an injuryIcing an injury has been a very common practice for many years but new research may shed a different light on the use of ice. RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) is the familiar acronym trainers and athletes use. What does it really do and how can it be possibly harmful?

Power of Focus – Mind Games

power of focusThe power of focus is undeniable. Talk to any accomplished athlete and they will tell you that your ability to control your mind and emotions can be the difference between winning and losing. When competitors are equally matched physically, the one who wins is hte one who thinks he can.

So how do you focus your mind when you compete or train? How do you avoid the constant distractions in the gym when doing your workouts? Poor training leads to poor performance. Try these methods to harness the power of focus.

Exercising in Heat – Tips for Training Athletes

Exercising in HeatExercising in heat prepares the body for a positive thermal balance. While a human being exercises their core temperature increases. This increase in temperature is relative to the environment. The body must also be able to regulate its heat and blood flow to the appropriate muscles. This mostly happens through Vasodilation. One of the major effects on the system at this particular time is the effect of plasma volume and central blood volume. Plasma Volume decreases during exercise and is lost through sweating, and central blood volume almost always decreases because less blood returns to the heart. Total blood volume is most compromised do to exercise in the heat. That being said the athlete must quickly become acclimated and hydrated in order to train in the heat.

Team Training Sessions – Keys to Effectiveness

team training sessions - teachOff season team training sessions area great way to help youth athletes develop strength, power and speed outside of their normal sport. The problem is that a lot of coaches are relying on old training styles or relying on inexperienced strength coaches who may do more harm than good. There are eight basic principles that will help you to develop effective team training sessions of your own.

Undersized Athletes: Can They Really Cut It?

Brandon Todd - undersized athleteReality being what it is, undersized athletes struggle to even make a team let alone play as a starter. Sports like basketball, volleyball and football are traditionally “big” athlete sports. That is not to say that an undersized athletes can’t play but it is definitely not the norm. Basketball had Spud Webb, NFL football has Lawrence Welker so exceptions are made. One such athlete who has strived to break the pattern is Brandon Todd.

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