Ab Planks – Are They Good?

Ab PlanksHave you ever wondered how some exercises are so popular but there are a number of articles written saying they are not that good? Some began as bodybuilder moves that were later brought down to the intermediate and beginner trainers. Some are okay moves but were never designed for advanced users who need more of a challenging move to develop muscle mass. There are a multitude of choices when it comes to ab work. I have used planks and like them though some people say there are better alternatives.

The plank is not a bad exercise. You hold a static position for 30 – 60 seconds then go to another position like a side plank. The problem with it is that most trainers do not show their clients how to progress to a more difficult version to keep challenging you. Keep the alignment in your body to avoid injury once you get used to the basic move but move on to a more dynamic exercise that will build better core strength.

ab plank on BOSUI have done a plank and added a twist – do both a front plank and a side plank together by going from one to the other. Stay up on ONE arm and tuck your other arm underneath your body and dip your shoulder towards the floor below you. Pull your arm back out and extend it to the ceiling. This will give you a full range of motion and work more muscles in your core more effectively.  Do 15 with the same arm before switching to the other arm. Once this gets too easy, use a small dumbbell in your hand to make it more challenging.Planks done with an unstable platform make it tougher to stay still and will work your stabilizer muscles more. Try a side or front plank but have your feet on the floor and your arms on a BOSU ball. For even more difficulty, put your feet on one upside down BOSU (platform is up) and your arms on another (also flipped over).
Throwing in some variations like these will give you some variation in your workout and help you build strength more quickly

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