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New Research for Sports Nutrition

New research - athletesNew research is coming to the main stream in sports nutrition. Living in North America, I know what the majority of trainers and nutritionists say about carbohydrates and fats. Some of the information does contradict between sources. Here is what I have recently found from James Brown of London, UK.



Five Ways to Build Muscle

ways to build muscleYoung athletes are often trying to find ways to build muscle especially for sports like hockey or football.  There is quite a bit of misinformation that says you need to take large amounts of protein and use supplements to get size. It is not that complicated. The process of gaining strength and muscle size can be quite simple. Here are five ways to change your workouts to get bigger and stronger safely.

Fast Food – Feed the Need for Speed

fast food - sprinterWhen I say fast food, I am not talking about restaurants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Gaining speed requires hard work and dedication to train the right way. Besides the training regimen that is needed, there are several foods and supplements that can have a positive effect on the speed and endurance of your running.

Benefit of Vitamin D on Performance

benefit of vitamin DThe benefit of vitamin D for athletes was recently studied by the University of Tulsa in a new study. They found that low levels of vitamin D can significantly affect athletic performance.

The study involved 103 college athletes from three different southern US NCAA athletic programs. A baseline level of vitamin D was determined for each athlete. Levels of vitamin D are considered adequate when serum levels are greater than 75 nmol/L. Insufficient is considered to be between 50 and 75 nmol/L while deficiency is at serum levels below 50 nmol/L.

Creatine Myths – the Truth Behind the Lies

creatine mythsCreatine myths have been around for a while. Most of them are created by people who are not familiar with the research that has been ongoing since 1992. There have been hundreds of studies performed by accredited science laboratories and researchers making creatine the most studied supplement of all time. Here are some of the common creatine myths I have dealt with.

Creatine is not a man-made synthetic substance. It is actually a naturally occurring compound similar to an amino acid. It has been used by thousands of athletes around the world. It is widely used to help build muscle mass, power and strength.

Caffeine to Improve Performance

caffeine to improve performanceIt is a fact that athletes can use caffeine to improve performance with the blessing of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and most sports organisations.  Coffee can improve mental focus and energy level. Caffeine works very well which explains why North Americans drink an average of 2 cups of coffee per day.

There are other benefits of caffeine to improve performance. The most recent July 2016 issue of the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research contains three separate studies that research the benefits of caffeine.

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